Box 300x250 video IT



Format Dimensions 300x250 pixel
Video Dimensions Between 300x225 px and 1920x1080 px; 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9 video formats supported
Video Format mp4/webm Video 
File weight and video encoding 4,75 MB max (not-mp4/webm videos will be re-encoded with a 4,75 maximum weight and the same dimension and aspect ratio of the source files; the unique exception is for over-786x576 resolution videos. Video bitrate between 1 and 2Mbps, (mp3) audio bitrate between 128 and 192Kbps.)
Framerate 25fps (at least)
Audio Off (user-initiaded)
Lenght 7, 15 or 30 seconds max
Channels HomePage, Channels
Codec Most common audio/video codecs supported
Redirect Yes - HTML5.  Make sure that all assets and / or tracking pixels are strictly hosted under https protocol.
Note According to the Flash blocks adopted from the main browsers, Flash banners should be converted in HTML5 creatives

Please send your creatives to, at least 3 working days before the online booked date, specifying the following details: Advertiser, campaign name, online dates.




As defined by the 430 Decree of October 26, 2001, art. 11.3, all the creativities that sponsor sweepstakes must contain statements that make reference to their complete regulation.
(e.g. "See Regulation on www ...", "Regulations available at www ...", or "Regulation available here")