Dem creatives should be formed of text and/or HTML + images. The HTML for Dem should be easier than the usual HTML for web pages.
The maximum sizes to assure a good graphic rendering are: width of 500-550 pixel, height within 700-800 pixel.
The maximum weight for HTML code file is 50KB. The maximum weight of HTML+images should be 150KB if the images must be hosted by JuiceADV server, or we suggest not more than 200KB if images will be hosted on customer's server.
The supported format for images are: JPEG, GIF (also animated).
It’s strongly recommended not to use images as backgrounds because they cannot be visible in some webmail client or email provider.
The sender of the mailing cannot be customized: it will be the owner of the mailing list/DB whom the mail will be sent from.
It’s forbidden:
  • Javascript and Flash animations
  • Attached files (it’s possible to insert links to remotepages)
  • Mapped images or links (we suggest to divide creatives into parts using tables)
  • Subject (the title of the email that must be sent) can't be longer than 100 characters (including spaces). It's highly recommended to use 80 characters max.
It’s preferred not to use:
  • tag DIV
  • complex formatting styles, CSS
  • linked url as text linked. This html:
    <a href=””> </a> can be recognized as Spam, it’s better to use this one: <a href=””> Juiceadv </a>

We strongly recommend to:

  • insert all the content of the Dem within tables with fixed width (table width=””);
  • insert the title tag <title> into the <head> (i.e. the subject);
  • insert a substitutive text with the tag <img alt=”…”> for main images, useful if the mailing client blocks the images;
  • use a table composed of many images, rather than a whole image;
  • insert both images and text: the risk of spam is higher if the html is composed of only images;
  • don’t leave spaces or special letters in the files’ name of images or in the url addresses of links.

Materials to be provided:

  • HTML/text creativity (with images that must be hosted on our server);
  • Subject (the title of the email that must be sent) and text link of performance campaigns can't be longer than 100 characters (including spaces). It's highly recommended to use 80 characters max.
  • Mail addresses for preview approval.
Cpl dem/performance oriented campaigns tracking
The tracking pixel for performance campaigns through the dem channel (whether they are cpl or cpm with performance goal) has to be implemented in the thank you page in order to allow the track of the action of the user. This is the structure of the code:
<img src=""></img>
In the previous code, it is possible to pass a value in the variable field “Orderid”, replacing it with ABC123. You can pass the ID of the order or, if not available, value 1 can be inserted instead
Thank you page under https
If thank you page is in https, tracking pixel can be implemented with the same protocol. In this case, the code will be:
<img src=""></img>
Working principle is the same as the one previously explained.

Please send your creatives to, at least 3 working days before the online booked date.
If possibile, please insert the following details: Advertiser, campaign name, online dates.

As defined by the 430 Decree of October 26, 2001, art. 11.3, all the creativities that sponsor sweepstakes must contain statements that make reference to their complete regulation (e.g. "See Regulation on www ...", "Regulations available at www ...", or "Regulation available here ")