Floating Video Mobile IT



Dimensions 640x480, 400x300 px; 4:3 and 16:9 video formats supported
Type mp4 (iOs compatible) video
Weight 4,75 MB max 
Audio On
Lenght 15 secs max
Channels Channels
Video Codec  H.264
Video Bit-Rate 800 Kbps
Format profile Baseline@L3.1
Framerate 25-30 fps
Audio Codec AAC/AAC LC
Channel Stereo
Audio Bit-Rate 128 Kbps
Sample rate 44100 Hz max
Note Video File will be re-encoded by adserver. Format and bit-rate will be optimised depending on the device.
Redirect Yes, Vast 2.0 - NO VPAID type; Make sure the redirect has at least a mobile-compatible video format and encoding.


Please send your creatives to traffico@triboo.it, at least 3 working days before the online booked date, specifying the following details: Advertiser, campaign name, online dates.

As defined by the 430 Decree of October 26, 2001, art. 11.3, all the creativities that sponsor sweepstakes must contain statements that make reference to their complete regulation.
(e.g. "See Regulation on www ...", "Regulations available at www ...", or "Regulation available here ")