Intro Mobile IT



Dimensions 960x832px, 960x160px
File type html5+jpg images
Image weight Total jpg images 300Kb max
Note Landscape image is 960x160, while portrait image shows 640 central px (device-fitting): pay attention to the "Close" button, which must not cover up the creative
Channels Homepage, Channels
App/msite/responsive Msites, responsive sites, mobile/tablet navigation (NO APPS!)
Redirect NO
Template Download link
Dimensions 2 standard quality images: portait 320x480px and landscape 480x320
2 HD quality images:
portait 640x960px and landscape 480x320
Type  Jpg
Weight 60Kb max for each standard image
200Kb max for each HD image
Length Auto-closing (after 10 seconds)
App/msite/responsive iPhone/Android Apps
Redirect Tracking pixel+clickcommand


Please send your creatives to, at least 3 working days before the online booked date, specifying the following details: Advertiser, campaign name, online dates.

As defined by the 430 Decree of October 26, 2001, art. 11.3, all the creativities that sponsor sweepstakes must contain statements that make reference to their complete regulation.
(e.g. "See Regulation on www ...", "Regulations available at www ...", or "Regulation available here ")