Intro video IT



Description: Intro Video is delivered both on desktop and on mobile device (each device needs its own creative). In both cases, Intro Video appears immediately in fullscreen mode. For mobile specification, see Intro Video Mobile section. 

3 files are requested:

  • Mp4   
    • Naming file: video_mobile.mp4
    • Dimension: Video 640x360   
    • Max Weight: 1.9 MB
  • Webm   
    • Naming file: video_mobile.webm   
    • Dimension: Video 640x360   
    • Max Weight: 1.9 MB
  • Png   
    • Naming file: Poster.png   
    • Dimension: File 640x360   
    • Max Weight: 100KB - png image is required to be showned during video downloading. 


Mp4 and WEBM video encoding settings    (both versions are requested):
Duration 7, 15, 20 or 30 seconds max 
Codec Video H.264
Framerate 24 fps
Field order Progressive
Aspect    Square Pixel (1.0)
Profile    Baseline
Level    3.0
Encoding    VBR, 2 pass
Target bitrate 0,4 Mbps
Max bitrate 0,6 Mbps
Codec Audio AAC
Channels    stereo
Sample Rate 44.1 KHz
Quality    medium
Bitrate    64 kbps
Redirect Yes (Tracking Pixel) - Make sure that all assets and / or tracking pixels are strictly hosted under https protocol.
Autoplay Yes, Audio-off 


By necessity, creative agencies can contact directly

Please send your creatives to, at least 3 working days before the online booked date, specifying the following details: Advertiser, campaign name, online dates.

As defined by the 430 Decree of October 26, 2001, art. 11.3, all the creativities that sponsor sweepstakes must contain statements that make reference to their complete regulation.
(e.g. "See Regulation on www ...", "Regulations available at www ...", or "Regulation available here ")